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Democracy Live

Seattle, Washington

Democracy Live provides election administration services and voting technology solutions to over 96 countries. The goal is to provide voting tools and voting information to everybody, so that they can be well-prepared for election day.

Black Antelope was selected as Democracy Live’s design and engineering partner for some new web-based applications. Straw Poll which was built on Drupal, was deployed leading up to the 2016 US presidential election. LiveBallot is a highly-interactive website and social network for all constituents of the political process, and is based on Google’s Go (golang) language for the back-end, and Angular for the front-end.

project services
Product design
UI/UX design
Interaction design
Theming / front-end development
Back-end development
project technologies
Google Go

UI/UX, Interaction design

Black Antelope worked closely with Democracy Live to design and develop LiveBallot, which is a platform for researching and comparing candidates and issues, and saving and sharing ballot choices. In addition to design and programming, we provided a lot of project managment and product design, and worked fast to deploy the site in time to be useful during the 2016 US presidential election.

A web application as complex and interactive as LiveBallot requires a lot of collaboration during the design phase. We extensively used InVision for collaboration with Democracy Live to fine-tune the UI while also organically designing the product.

Go programming

Angular development

Drupal development