Enterprise / B2B

Enterprise / B2B

Black Antelope offers a wide array of services needed by enterprise organizations. We can build one or multi-stop solutions that cover the entire online experience: an international web presence with e-commerce and marketing interfacing, intranet and customer relationship management integration. Our tool-building capabilities alongside our marketing service offerings such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media management and targeted landing pages (we’ve also done a lot of work with marketing tools such as Eloqua & Marketo) make us fully capable of managing your entire online marketing campaign. More specific solutions like the development of API’s and applications are also a big part of what we do.

In the enterprise space many 3rd party services are very mature and straight-forward to implement. However if there is something a bit non-standard on either end, that can’t stop the business from running. We have a lot of experience designing and implementing custom APIs to get around these kinds of hurdles, and have also contributed code to some popular open-source Drupal modules that deal with 3rd party systems.

Our sites are elegant but practical in design, are feature-friendly and perform with emphasis and priority lended to security and scalability alongside our firm commitment to staying within budget and meeting long-term maintenance goals. Sustainability is a key component to any project and plays a big role in our approach to both planning and execution.

Our Work

We work with amazing non-profits doing real good in the world, startups and enterprise companies pushing the edges of innovation, and some of the best education institutions in the country.
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