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Black Antelope covers a lot of ground. We specialize in many different disciplines, and it’s the coming together that results in elegantly tailored solutions. But you can’t get your point across if you don’t know the language...



This open-source CMS is of the most powerful and flexible systems available, and keeps getting better. Used by governments, universities, and startups, Drupal is hard to beat.


Google-sponsored AngularJS is one of the most used and mature open-source front-end frameworks. Features include support for building native and hybrid mobile apps on Android and iOS.


One of the most widely adopted and mature open-source PHP frameworks, with an emphasis on reusable components. Symfony can be the muscle behind anything you can dream of.


This open-source JavaScript library comes gratis from Facebook and Instagram. It’s all about building reusable components, and for applications that have always-changing content.


Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM for a reason. If you set up your processes right you can elevate your sales, customer service and marketing to a whole other level.


One of the leaders in marketing automation, Marketo is used to automate email, social, and advertising. Often times Salesforce is involved, so we do a lot of Marketo and Salesforce integrations.


Go is an open-source language created by Google to be leaner, less complex and more efficient compared to many other compiled programming languages.


MongoDB is an open-source NoSQL, or document-based database system. It’s super fast, easy to scale, and especially good for things such as geospatial applications or file storage.


Data and web services

We are experienced in integrating 3rd party systems, as well as designing and implementing custom RESTful APIs (often in Drupal and Symfony, but in other systems as well).

Information architecture

Often times a redesign or a migration needs a fresh look in terms of organization. We are experienced in designing systems from various perspectives including database, design and content.


From Drupal Commerce (formerly Ubercart), to Magento, to hosted solutions like Shopify, to integration with shipping APIs and payment gateways, we’ve got you covered!


Sometimes custom art is the best way to tell your story. We also do logo design and often integrate illustration into the web design process.

Translation and localization

Drupal is an incredibly great system for a multi-language site, and we also have experience implementing 3rd party translation management systems, especially Cloudwords.

Geospatial and mapping

We love geo-relevant web and mobile apps! We have experience implementing maps and search using platforms such as MySQL, Apach Solr and MongoDB.


Higher education

We know EDU! From LDAP integration, to custom interfaces to manage classes and events, to separate logged-in user interfaces for student, faculty and staff, we do it all.

Enterprise / B2B

From design and development, intranets, 3rd party integrations (often Salesforce and Marketo), content migrations, partner portals and custom APIs, you’re in good hands with us.


It is a privilege to be able to work alongside people who are working hard to make this world a better place. We especially love being part of efforts to improve life for humans and animals.


Startups have been changing the world ever since the Internet was pervasive enough to allow it. The sky is the limit, and we love being a key part of turning exciting new ideas into reality.

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