Open Source CMS Advantages

What is open source?

Open source refers to software or other products that are developed collaboratively and made available to the public with the source code openly available for modification and redistribution. This means that anyone can view, modify, and distribute the code, provided that they adhere to the terms of the license under which it is distributed.

5 Necessary Websites and Tools That Every Web Designer Should Know

1. Unsplash (for images)

One of the big headaches you can get as a designer is finding quality demo content to use in designs. Sure you can use the watermarked low-quality images from stock sites such as Shutterstock and iStock, but they won’t look great, and will only take away from your design work.

Migrating to Drupal 9: When You Need to Do It and What the Process Looks Like

Major Drupal-to-Drupal migrations are soon going to be a thing of the past, because of the easy upgrade path that has been established with Drupal 8. However, Drupal remains one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) for very good reasons, and there will always be a need for migrations for sites with a lot of content coming from forlorn CMSes, or from proprietary systems that cost an arm and a leg and lack the flexibility that Drupal provides.

Forget Adobe? How Sketch, InVision & Studio transformed our design process

Fighting the tide is never a solution

As a designer, it’s hard enough to convince yourself it’s worth both the investment of time and cost in changing to a new piece of software, incorporating systemic change to your processes seems a daunting if not overwhelming task that recalls the old adage ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ But to convince an entire workforce to take a bold new direction in how they run the design department, re-structure all your existing processes from initial mockups, prototyping and production handover?

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