World’s Best Wedding Photos came to us to design and build their site, which is a platform that promotes the best wedding photographers and photos from all around the world. The website runs photography contests, and ultimately is a highly curated directory of the best wedding photographers available for hire.

Black Antelope was chosen because of our ability to fill in the product design details as-needed, design with emphasis on SEO, and our ability to work hard and fast to make the aggressive launch date.

The product design challenge was not only for the user experience and user flows of photographers using the website, but also CMS-customizations to simplify the experience for the team responsible for categorizing in-detail thousands of wedding photos.

Desktop Design
A desktop screenshot of the World's Best Wedding Photos homepage
A desktop screenshot of WBWP's photographer page
A desktop screenshot of WBWP's profile editing

Drupal was chosen as the software platform, as it offers the perfect balance of enterprise-level content management, as well as extreme flexibility in terms of building an interactive web application.

The website was launched on time, and our extra emphasis on SEO paid off as the site started ranking high in Google within weeks of launch.


Mobile Design
A mobile screenshot of WBWP's homepage
A mobile screenshot of WBWP's photographer page
A mobile screenshot of WBWP's contest entry process
Photo Storage

A website such as this poses certain challenges in terms of uploading images, and scalability in terms of disk space.

Not every photographer is going to create web-resolution images from their high-res files before uploading, so we do that client-side before anything is uploaded.

For file-storage, hundreds of thousands of relatively large jpgs will quickly fill up any web server, so we integrated the site with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for media storage.

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