For the first time in more than a decade, SPCA International was ready to reorganize their content and redesign their website

SPCA International is an international non-profit supporting local animal welfare organizations and programs worldwide, including shelters, dog and cat rescue operations, and wildlife rehabilitation centers. SPCAI also provides valuable educational resources to help people take action to improve the lives of their pets and animals in need.

SPCAI came to Black Antelope for a redesign of the website, an optimized mobile experience, a complete overhaul of the site’s information architecture, and a much more intuitive CMS experience for members of the team.

Mobile Design
A mobile screenshot of the SPCAI donate page
A mobile screenshot of the SPCAI newsletter sign up page
A mobile screenshot of a SPCAI thank you page

A beautiful new Wordpress website that is engaging, effective in communicating the accomplishments of SPCAI, and flexible and robust enough to support the organization as they expand operations helping animals in need

We worked closely with the SPCAI team to reimagine and streamline the site’s information architecture, and to uncover a style that would best tell the story of the organization’s accomplishments. The result is a beautiful new website based on Wordpress, with a much-improved content layout that is easy for the team to maintain, and easy for users to find the content they’re looking for.

  • A brand new Wordpress-based website, with Elementor page templates that make it easy for the SPCAI team to create and manage content with minimal developer support
  • Migrated content from Concrete5 to Wordpress, while maintaining and adding features to the Concrete5 codebase
  • Created a Salesforce-based CRM, integrated with the website
  • Designed and set up new email templates in Pardot
Desktop Design
A desktop screenshot of the SPCAI homepage
A desktop screenshot of the SPCAI donate page
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