Hagens Berman is an international law firm headquartered in Seattle, that specializes in class-action and plaintiff-side litigation, protecting the rights of consumers, whistleblowers, employees and others.

The previous site was on a proprietary CMS, had a large amount of content to migrate (about 11,000 URLs), and most of the URLs were getting cleaned up and changing on the new site.

Hagens Berman aimed to build a new site that would reflect the firm's experience and track record, with improved organization and content relationships.


Desktop Design
A desktop screenshot of the Hagens Berman homepage
A desktop screenshot of an attorney page
A desktop screenshot of a case page

The new information-rich Hagens Berman website now has a beautiful modern design, is better organized, easier to navigate, works as effectively on mobile devices as desktop computers, and better showcases the firm’s commitment to fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves individually.

The new site was built on Drupal, an enterprise-grade open-source CMS, and is now easy to maintain by internal staff. The information-rich site has a lot of related content, between cases, attorneys, press releases and practice areas, which is one of the reasons why Drupal was the perfect solution for this project.

Mobile Design
A mobile screenshot of the Hagens Berman homepage
A mobile screenshot of a Hagens Berman person page
A mobile screenshot of a Hagens Berman video lightbox
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