Conservation Strategy Fund is a non-profit organization that does analytical work in the area of economics, to protect natural ecosystems around the world. They came to us to do a redesign and migration of their Drupal site.

Some of the goals for the project were to make the design clean and modern, mobile-optimized, with a focus on bold imagery that communicates the kind of environmental work that they do, and to make opportunities to donate more prominent. Almost every URL changed, due to the renaming of sections as well as changing how the page translations worked, so an important part of this project was doing bulk URL rewrites to forward traffic from all of the changed and removed pages.

Mobile Design
A mobile screenshot of the Oceans & Fish section
A mobile screenshot of a publication page
A mobile screenshot of a training page

The new CSF Drupal 8 site is much simpler than it was before in terms of information architecture, it’s easier to navigate on both desktop and mobile, and beautifully visually shows the breadth of conservation work they’re doing around the world.

A desktop screenshot of a training page
A desktop screenshot of the hydrocalculator tool
Desktop Design
A desktop screenshot of the CSF homepage
radial gradient rings

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