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For building websites, JavaScript is one of the most important languages to have in our toolbox. With open-source frameworks such as Angular and React, we can write code once and have the application work the same on web, mobile web, native mobile (iOS, Android) and native desktop (desktop-installed apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux). If your website is a single-page-application or needs to have app-like functionality, we're the team to help you do it.

Our JavaScript experience

Single Page Applications (SPAs)

Interactive single page applications built in JS

Rich user interfaces

Development of websites and components using AngularJS

Cutting edge frameworks and libraries

AngularJS 1-2/4, React (w. redux/flux), Vue, Knockout, etc.

JS on the backend

NodeJS development


Webview and native-based mobile application development

ES6 and beyond

We use the best tools for the job, and we stay on top of the latest advancements

Ready to start your JavaScript project?

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React is an open-source, MVC-based JavaScript framework that was created by Facebook. It’s a great choice for the front-end of a web application that requires app-like interactivity.



Node.js enables server-side scripting for building web servers, tooling, etc. It's a great option to quickly build a powerful backend for any website or application. Node has a large and active community as well as an abundance of powerful tools and libraries, which enables us to quickly go from 0 to 60.

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Angular is an open-source MVC-based JavaScript framework that came out of, and is supported by Google. It’s a great choice for any web application that requires app-like functionality.

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